Rawalpindi Arts Council Stadium Road Rawalpindi 051-9292105, 0519292106

Besides the cultural activities, Rawalpindi Arts Council is imparting training to the young generation of the Photohar Region in the field of Art and Culture. Thousands of students have got training from this institution and are earning their livelihood in dignified manners. Diploma/Certificates are given to the students after completion of the course. All the instructors are highly qualified and are engaged with the approval of Worthy Commissioner/Chairman who is the competent authority. The instructors are engaged on part time/share basis. The share of each instructor is 50% of the tuition fee of his/her respective class. Rest of the tuition fee plus admission fee goes to RAC account. The detail of the training Courses is as under:

S. No. Name of Class Duration
01. Painting Class 1 Year
02. Textile Designing 6 Months
03. Interior Decoration 6 Months
04. Flower Arrangement 6 Months
05. Fashion Designing 6 Months
06. Beautician 4 Months
07. Cutting & Sewing 3 Months
08. Calligraphy 6 Months
09. Candle Making 2 Months
10. Pottery Decoration 3 Months
11. Continental Dishes 2. Months
12. Chinese Dishes 2 Months
13. Baking 2 Months
14. Art & Craft 3 Months
15. Computer 3 Months
16. Key Board 6 Months
17. Tabla/ Dholak 6 Months
18. Singing 6 Months
19. Flower Making 3 Months
20. Mughal Dishes 2 Months

Our Teachers

Sr. # Name of Class Name of Instructor
01. Painting Class Mr. Khurram Shahbaz Babri
02. Textile Designing Ms. Tahmina Iqbal
03. Fashion Designing Ms. Maryam Bibi
04. Candle Making Ms. Samra Humayun
05. Interior Designing Ms. Samra Humayun
06. Art & Craft Mr. Khurram Shahbaz Babri
07. Cutting & Swing Ms. Tahmina Iqbal
08. Computer Mr. Khizer Hayat
09. Keyboard-vocal,


Mr. Muhammad Ishaq Saqi
10. Guitar Mr. Fayyaz Ahmed
11. Cooking (Mughal, Baking, Continental & Chainess dishes) Mrs. Gulraiz Iqbal
12. Hand Made Jewellary Ms. Samra Humayun
13. Islamic Calligraphy Mr. Muhammad Azeem Iqbal